Due to the high volume of commission requests I have received of late I have decided to create a price list for clients interested in commissioning original artworks. Please note all commissions are created on a unique basis of complexity and simplicity of composition so the prices below reflect only estimates which may vary, depending on your request. 

NB: Please note that I only work “from life” which means I do not work from photographs. I must have access to the person for portrait sittings, the place for landscape paintings or items for still life paintings. If you have a photograph, memory or idea that you would like to commemorate please inbox me privately as there are many ways we have found to re-interpret old photographs into new paintings.

Floral/Object Still Life and Landscape Paintings: 

*Still life commissions work well if you have a special item such as a vase or personal possession you would like to have painted. With the smaller panels a small vase for example works well with 3 flowers (from you garden) or specifically chosen to symbolise someone/thing. Paintings from gardens also work well to commemorate special spaces like homes or views. Please note these prices do not include framing, insurance, courier of artworks or travel costs for any commission work completed outside of the greater Cape Town region.   

Size: Small 

Time: completed in one or two 3 hour sessions


  • 30x40cm Oil on Canvas @ R10 000 - R12 000
  • 30x40 cm Oil on Belgian/Italian linen @ R 12000

Size: Medium

Time: Completed in two to four 3 hour sessions

  • 40x60 cm Oil on Canvas @ R 14 000-R24 000
  • 50x60 cm Oil on Canvas @ R24 000-R40 000
  • 60x80 cm Oil on Canvas @ R26 000-R45 000 

Size: Large

Time: Completed over a long period of time from sketches and 3 hour painting sessions

  • Anything larger than the above sizes starting at R50 000.

Portrait Paintings:

Head and Shoulders

Completed over 5-8 sittings of 3 hours each

  • 50x60 cm Oil on Canvas @ R60 000

Portrait with Hands

Completed over 6-12 sessions of 3 hours each

  • 80x120cm Oil on Canvas @ R100 000

Larger portrait paintings available on request. 

A note on Materials:

All my paintings are prepared and painted with the highest quality materials sourced from Italy, Holland, South Africa and the States. Oil paints are all Master-Quality grade and you may request wooden panel, canvas, Belgian or Italian linens as a surface.  All works are prepared archivally and will need at least 6-8 months of drying time (depending on work) before any thick resin-based varnish will be applied. Please note that this does not mean you have to wait that long to receive your work. You may request it to be varnished at a later time or not at all. 

All of my original works will be accompanied with a certificate of authenticity as of July 2020. Please do not accept an original painting from a third party seller unless it is accompanied by a certificate from August 2020 onwards. 

  • All above prices are subject to change and span the time of June-December 2020 only.